POLAR BEAR CANADA CORPORATION is a North American leading company in global food, consumer products and its design, trade and services. Our dedicated team has built the long-term strategic partnership with the international leading corporations to research and develop the food and consumer products worldwide. We sell world-class brand products and we also design the self-owned brand consumer products such as POLAR BEAR and TIGER KING with the premium quality and superior value.

PBCC integrates big data data, optimizes channel marketing effects based on users’ Internet traces and makes the marketing network self-fission copy and grow, allowing fans to become channel merchants and customers.


PBCC build the online consumer platforms to analyze the behavior of a large number of consumers,  marketing information to individual consumers. Big data + intelligent tracking make marketing and brand communication faster.


PBCC implement big data to find different customer demand groups, connect online consumer consumption data and offline purchase data, and achieve synergy between online and offline marketing.


PBCC provides customers with cost-effective global high-quality goods, and has established a global overseas shopping salon to provide one-stop high-quality services such as product selection and express delivery.


The platform token of AmericoMall  is GPB, and there is no private placement. All token issuance will be completely dependent on the development of the ecology. It is invested and created by Polar Bear Canada Corp, which using blockchain as the underlying technology support Cross-border e-commerce platform. It has created a new type of international trade ecological industry chain by connecting international smart communities. It is a practitioner of the combination of blockchain technology and the real economy. It will create a unique cross-border full-circulation platform for commodity logistics and services with two-way overseas group buying as the core.